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Hempel sponsors Marcus Demuth's Mini Transat Campain


When Marcus Demuth sets out on the Mini Transat in 2017, a race described by Yachting World Magazine as ‘the sailing world’s ultra marathon’, he will be sailing in a yacht with Hempel paints on its hull.

In 2017, Marcus Demuth will set out on the Mini Transat, a 4,000-mile transatlantic race for Classe Mini 6.5 racing boats. According to four-time around the world sailor Brian Thompson, the bi-annual race is ‘the toughest race in the world’, and Marcus has already begun his preparations.

As well as training, this includes upgrading the boat to the strict standards of the class. This is more than a full-time job and Marcus is living on his boat as he prepares. Hempel is sponsoring Marcus’ three-year campaign and we will bring you news and updates from Marcus during the campaign and race on our website and Hempel Yacht YouTube channel.

Hempel paints add ‘a knot or two’ to racing speed
As part of the sponsorship deal, Hempel Yacht is supplying Marcus’ vessel, the Brooklyn Express, with the Underwater Primer 26030 and the Antifouling Glide Speed 7142T for the 2016 season, as well as a prototype next-generation Silic One antifouling for the 2017 racing season. According to Marcus, the paints will add extra speed to the Brooklyn Express.

“Hempel UK and Hempel Denmark have been very supportive and enthusiastic in the past weeks about being a part of the 559 campaign,” says Marcus on his website. “Hempel's support is not only very welcome, but also adds a knot or two to Brooklyn Express' boat speed.”

The Brooklyn Express – named after the L-train subway line that rattled Marcus’ apartment in New York for 12 years – is currently not performing as it should, but Marcus expects this to change when Hempel’s hull paints are applied.

“Currently, Brooklyn Express is painted with a soft, tacky antifouling, adding a lot friction to the hull, and also ugly blue marks to ropes and spinnakers which still like to visit unexpectedly the underside of the boat (way too often!), but will get some fresh coats of Hempel Speed Glide 7630D ‘hard’ high performance racing antifouling in the upcoming weeks when ‘on the hard’ in Port Dinorwic,” he says. 

About Marcus Demuth
A former professional sea-kayaker, Marcus Demuth became the first kayaker to successfully circumnavigate the Falkland Islands, has set speed records kayaking around Great Britain and Ireland, and has paddled (at a more leisurely pace) around many other island nations around the globe.
He has been sailing since the age of six and raced Lazars competitively until 2012. He is currently preparing for the 2017 Mini Transat, a 4,000-mile transatlantic race for Classe Mini 6.5 racing boats.

Find out more about Marcus and Brooklyn Express

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