How to paint below the waterline (2-component system)

By keeping your coatings in good condition, you can protect your boat and maintain its appearance and value.

This tutorial shows you how to apply a two-component antifouling to your boat.

Hempel's Cruising Performer

Follow our Step By Step instructions on how to paint below the waterline with 2 component system

Applying Hempel's Primer on the boat's surface with the brush

Step 1

Prime where necessary with a suitable primer (for detailed instructions, download our Paint Manual).

Hempel's Antifouling preparation

Step 2

The choice of antifouling depends on a number of criteria, including the quality of water (e.g. salinity) and temperature, as different water conditions give rise to different types of fouling.

Hempel's Antifouling application on the boat's surface

Step 3

Fast application is more important than a very smooth finish. Apply the strokes with a “crisscross” technique.

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