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New Yacht Paint Calculator App is online


Antifouling system recommendation, calculation of the necessary product volume, technical product info, where to buy option… this and a lot more in the new Paint Calculator App available from today on all Yacht websites!

The purpose of the App is to help the customers to choose the best antifouling or fouling release system for their boat and to calculate the necessary product volume for their needs.

Based on four specific question (where the boat is painted, water type, boat type and material and sailing frequency) our App will offer the recommendation of the ideal Premium, Best buy and Alternative product solution for the specific customer.

If more info about the product solution is needed, the FIND OUT MORE button will link to the Yacht website product detail page where all the specific product info and technical docs are available.

The App also offers to the users the possibility to send product recommendations to their own e-mail and to send feedback to Hempel if the recommendation solution was helpful and in line with the customer needs.

The WHERE TO BUY button will open a map with a list of all the retailer stores where it is possible to buy Hempel products. By choosing a specific retailer on the map, the customer will be able to immediately get Google Map directions on how to reach this specific store.

The CALCULATE VOLUME button will redirect the customer to the volume calculation section, where it will be possible to calculate the product volume needed. The results will be based on the boat type and boat dimensions.

All the App sections are interconnected, so the users can always change the calculation input.

The App will provide a customised offer to each boat owner making sure to answer all the questions related to the preparation of the painting job in a few simple clicks.

The App is available on the following link: