Hempel launches new patent-pending coating technology

We are proud to launch our new sustainable coating solution, the biocide-free, thin-film antifouling called Hempaspeed TF!

We are excited to introduce to the market our new biocide-free, thin-film antifouling called “Hempaspeed TF”. 

The new technology in Hempaspeed TF combines the best of traditional tough thin-film coatings with Hempel’s patented hydrogel fouling release technology, and creates a fusion hybrid antifouling that is completely biocide-free. It has all the qualities of a robust hard antifouling with an ultra-smooth finish and is suitable for use in all waters (both salt and fresh waters, lakes and rivers).

It minimises growth & drag, is extremely easy to clean even with high pressure washing, with no risk for run-off contamination.

The product will be available in UK, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway starting from season 2022 in 4 shades: white, blue, black and grey.

The Hempaspeed TF is a perfect fit for pleasure boats sailing on lakes & rivers, for regatta sailing boats, racing boats and trailer boats, especially for areas where restrictions do not allow use of biocides.

“The aim is for our product solutions to be more efficient and effective, as well as respecting the environment, so we constantly work on developing new technologies to help make that happen. The new Hempaspeed TF is a perfect addition to our biocide-free range and aligns with our strategic goal of being a trusted sustainable coating partner. Only by considering the whole process of coating a yacht can we really innovate to create better solutions for both the industry and environment. We can't do this alone, but we are determent to drive the change to a more sustainable world by not only offering alternative coating solutions to the market, but also educate the industry and boat owners about the benefits of our new technologies.” says Tino Rikkert, Hempel’s Yacht Director Europe.

Hempel is focusing on offering premium products for premium Yachts and Superyachts by bringing innovative, high performance product solutions to the market, which is why they design coatings to meet specific vessel and operational parameters. This ensures the best possible fouling protection throughout the docking intervals – for the highest possible fuel savings and emissions, reduces downtime, cost and potential harm of hull cleaning. This is one of the reasons why the company is considered a global leader in documented fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, Hempel is a corporate partner with Water Revolution Foundation whose mission is to accelerate sustainability in the superyacht industry through collaboration and innovation, leading the way towards neutralising the industry’s ecological footprint and preserving the world’s oceans. This is a perfect match with Hempel’s purpose: To shape a brighter future with sustainable coating solutions.