Hempel's biocide-free products rated the best in the independent Finnish magazine test

We are proud to share the results of the Vene magazine biocide-free antifouling test 2023

Hempel Yacht is proud to announce that our biocide-free solutions for underwater protection (Silic One and Hempaspeed TF) won the first and the second place in an independent magazine product test where the quality performance of our both products was once again recognized!

The Finnish Vene Magazine has just published their biocide-free antifouling test where Hempel's Silic One took the first, and Hempaspeed TF a shared second place.

Hempel has once again proved to be the leading innovator of high performance coating for yachts with minimized impact on the environment.

These test results, and the fact that it comes from a respectable Finnish magazine, is an additional and continual proof that Hempel's Silic One is the product to have on your boat.

The article is published on Vene website here.


Vene is a Finnish language boating magazine based in Helsinki. The magazine is owned by Otava Media, published twelve times per year and targets those who have interest in water sports.