How to prepare the surface of the boat

Good surface preparation is the key to achieving a great finish. Part of this preparation is making sure the surface is free from dirt and contamination.

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Follow our step by step tutorial guide for surface preparation in 8 simple steps


Step 1

Put the tape to divide the boat areas.


Step 2

Ensure you wear suitable protective clothing, including mask and protective glasses.


Step 3

After cleaning, the surface you are going to paint must be abraded to the correct profile.


Step 4

If the surface of your boat is damaged then filling, fairing and priming may be necessary.


Step 5

Apply with the filling knife or a spatula. For a large profile filling, use a wide filling knife or trowel.


Step 6

Once the filled area has cured, sand the filled and surrounding area to the required fair profile. At the end of the process leave it to cure.


Step 7

When using a two component primer, make sure you mix the correct volumes of the base and the curing agent (always check label).


Step 8

Apply the Primer (for the exact number of the layers that needs to be applied check Paint Manual).

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