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As a world-leading supplier of trusted coating solutions, Hempel is a global company with strong values, working with customers in the protective, marine, decorative, container and yacht industries. Hempel factories, R&D centres and stock points are established in every region. Across the globe, Hempel’s coatings protect surfaces, structures and equipment.

They extend asset lifetimes, reduce maintenance costs and make homes and workplaces safer and more colourful. Hempel was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1915. It is proudly owned by the Hempel Foundation, which ensures a solid economic base for the Hempel Group and supports cultural, social, humanitarian and scientific purposes around the world.

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For the wider good

We’re proudly owned by the Hempel Foundation, a corporate foundation that supports good causes around the globe, with specific focus on education of children in need, research into sustainable coatings technology and protecting the planet’s biodiversity.

Fast facts

• Hempel develops and manufactures coating solutions for the protective, decorative, marine, container, industrial and yacht segments.

• It was established in Denmark in 1915 and today employs people across the globe.

• It’s headquartered in Kongens Lyngby, near Copenhagen, Denmark.

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