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Rytmehans, H-Båd – Silkeborgsøerne (Denmark)

I can only say I am very pleased with the result. I have now sailed with the bottom painted with Silic One for two seasons!
My first impression is that I can continue into the next season with only a few minor repairs to the keel. It has been extremely easy to wash the bottom. Here in the lakes, there was only a slimy surface that was necessary to wash off. We had other boats here taken out of the water during the season, and unlike the others, I had no fouling attached. Previously, I used VC 17, which over the season needed to be cut and washed. I no longer have this problem - and it also saves the environment from harmful deposits. I make no secret of how well I think this Silicone system works and it will be followed with interest from other sailors in the club. There is interest from our two club boats, H-boats, to have the same Silic One treatment. I was a little worried at first because the surface was very uneven (cellulite). Apparently this was not noticeable, and the surface now appears more smooth and even.

AWN AWNiemeyer (Germany)

''Hempel’s SILIC ONE is a very nice product, very easy to clean and offers a good performance for sailing! I love the product!''

Bavaria 39, Bådejer (København, Denmark)

"Our conclusion is that SILIC ONE is a great bottom paint which we would recommend at any time!"
The boat was put into the water in Egå and it was taken up in Lynæs. Before it was taken up, it had been sailing in order to have any barnacles removed. Taking up the boat went well. The straps had been secured to prevent it from sliding. Our lorry driver believed that we had overestimated the situation, however, when the boat was taken up, it was confirmed that the bottom was extremely slippery, so securing the straps is a MUST although there was absolutely no danger in this situation. The bottom was very fine and only had few barnacles, approx. 10 of them, and they were easily removed. The high-pressure cleaner was able to remove the slime and bryozoa with the normal cleaner and without using the turbo head. The occurrence of bryozoa is noticeably the largest on the port side. An explanation might be that the port side is also the sunny side of the harbour. Drives, painted with normal Prop paint had some occurrence of barnacles which required the turbo head of the high-pressure cleaner. We have now been sailing for 72 hours and have at no point noticed that the speed of the boat is reduced due to an occurrence of barnacles. In this period, we have been in the water several times to check the bottom, and there has been no sign of barnacles or barnacles deposits, one or two. After the washing, the boat now appears as newly painted. Therefore, our conclusion is that SILIC ONE is a great bottom paint which we would recommend at any time.

Yamarin 56 HT + Yamaha 60 hp (Finland)

Home harbour of the boat is in Turku (Pansio small boat harbor). The owner bought Yamarin (GRP) and painted the bottom with the SILIC ONE fouling release system.
The boat was not used much during the 4 months season with typical cruising speed around 23 knots. It was moored in the harbor most of the time. The contaminated dirt (slime) on the waterline and hull was removed easily when the boat was in motion. After pulling out at the end of the season, the hull was slimy but there were no barnacles on the hull. The slime was easy to clean of with a pressure washer. Some parts of the hull needed a gentle sponge wash only with water. After that the hull was completely clean and ready for winter storage.
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