How to check the compatibility of existing coating

It is important to choose the best system for your boat. For most applications we offer two types of coating system: single-component (conventional) and two-component (high performance).

Hempel's Thinner 871

Follow our Step By Step tutorial to check if you have one or two component system on your boat

Applying Hempel's Thinner 871 to a test area on the boat

Step 1

To check if you have a one or two component system, apply Hempel's Thinner 871 (No 2) to a test area on your boat and leave it to work for 15 minutes.

Rubbing the boat surface with a cloth - Hempel's Step by step tutorial

Step 2

Sand the surface with a scrapper or rub it with a cloth.

antifouling system comparison

Step 3

If it is tacky, you most likely have a one-component system on your boat and you should overcoat with another one-component system or remove the paint completely.

Preparing Hempel's two component antifouling system

Step 4

If the test area is not tacky, you most likely have a two-component system on your boat and you can overcoat either with a two-component or one-component system.

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