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Fouling not only makes a boat look unsightly, it can also foul propellers and outdrives, block engine water inlets and outlets, slow down the boat speed, increase fuel costs and ultimately damage the hull substrate/surface.

Fouling release system minisite

Discover HEMPEL’s latest innovation and technological achievement – new Silicone Fouling Release System!

Ecopower Bottom Paint

Eco Power bottom paint

Propeller solutions

Silic one for propellers


Paint will enhance the appearance of any surface and offer protection against the elements.

Primers, Undercoats, Fillers

Selecting the right primer will protect the boat’s substrate, avoid early failure of a subsequent painting system and enhance the final finish.


It is important that you only use the thinners recommended for each application. Not doing so, or substituting with other proprietary products, will result in an unsatisfactory finish.

Teak Treatments

Over time teak’s natural golden brown colour will gradually change to a silver-grey shade, then dull down to a dark grey/greenish colour. Using Teak treatment products will refresh the look of the wood by cleaning, restoring the colour, protecting and maintaining the teak.


Varnish will protect wood against the elements. And – where the wood is of good quality – enhance the natural beauty of the surface.

Boat care

A boat will need maintaining during the season to ensure its good appearance, sailing capabilities and maintenance of the coating system. How much maintenance and care is needed will depend on the environment in which the boat is sailed.

Miscellaneous category

Miscellaneus category - special product for special purposes

Motor Boat
Sailing Boat

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