How to treat with Hempel's Pre-Clean and Hempel's Degreaser

Good surface preparation is the key to achieving a great finish.
This tutorial explains how to clean dirt and contamination from the boat surface.

Video instructions

Learn how to clean a boat surface by watching Hempel's tutorial video

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to learn how to clean a boat surface

Step 1

If the paint coat is intact, just wash and degrease the surface with Hempel's Pre-Clean

Step 2

If the surface is very contaminated, then use Hempel's Degreaser (not on painted surfaces). Clean thoroughly with fresh water and allow to dry.

Step 3

Check if the surface is still greasy by sprinkling it with water. If droplets form, the surface is still greasy and needs a further treatment with Hempel's Degreaser

Step 4

If the water droplets disperse, no grease is left on the surface.

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