Hempel's Barnacle Remover

An agent for the efficient removal of barnacles that combines chemical and mechanical action, Hempel's Barnacle Remover is designed for use on outdrives, propellers, hulls and similar areas. This product contains acids so wear appropriate personal protection equipment.

Follow our Step By Step instructions

for barnacle removal in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Use a water jet to remove all loosely adhering marine fouling from the surface.

Step 2

Stir the Hempel's Barnacle Remover well and spray-apply directly and evenly onto any barnacles.

Step 3

Allow 3-5 minutes for the Hempel's Barnacle Remover to react. Due to runs, you may need to apply extra product at 1 minute intervals on vertical sides.

Step 4

Remove the dissolved barnacles by water-jetting and/or with a scraper (i.e. light sanding). Hose down with fresh water and repeat the treatment if necessary.

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