Silic One

Previously coated boats application on top of old antifouling - easy switch to Silic One System

Previously coated boats application on top of old antifouling in good condition – easy switch to Silic One System

Hempel’s Conversion Primer is a two component epoxy primer for an easy conversion from antifouling to Silic One Fouling Release System, It can be applied on previously painted antifouling in good condition.

Surface preparation: identify the condition of antifouling you currently have on your boat. Use a metal scrapper to determine whether the aged antifouling adheres sufficiently. In case of bad adhesion, remove all loose/brittle layers. Abrade with wet abrasive paper. Rinse carefully with fresh water and allow the surface to dry.

Application: mix the two components of Hempel’s Conversion Primer thoroughly to an even consistency. Be aware that the product has a very low viscosity and any runs and sags should be brushed out immediately. Thinning is NOT recommended. Pot life at 20̊C: 8 hours. Minimum application temperature is 5̊C. In case the overcoating interval is exceeded, a new coat of Hempel’s Conversion Primer or Silic One Tiecoat must be applied accordingly.


 *Apply Silic One Tiecoat as soon as previous coat of Conversion Primer is dry to touch. The Silic One Tiecoat must be applied to full coverage to ensure adhesion.

**After 48 hours surface must be cleaned with Pre-Clean 67602, rinsed with fresh water and allowed to dry before applying the next coat. Overcoating must be carried out as soon as possible after surface has dried.

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