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How to treat teak

Wood is a naturally occurring organic material that can suffer from several problems in the marine environment.

This tutorial explains how to use different products for the treatment of teak.

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Follow our step by step tutorial to learn how to treat teak

How to treat teak - step 1

Step 1

If the teak has become grey and dark, it can be restored to its beautiful original look with Hempel's Teak Cleaner. Wet the surface with fresh water.

How to clean teak - step 2

Step 2

Apply a layer of Hempel's Teak Cleaner and leave for 10-20 minutes.

How to clean teak - step 3

Step 3

Using a stiff brush, scrub while the paste is still moist. Remove with fresh water before the past hardens.

How to treat teak - step 4

Step 4

Hempel's Hempel's Teak Oil is an un-pigmented oil. When the wooden surface has been cleaned and degreased, apply Hempel's Teak Oil directly onto the wood until saturated. After some minutes of soaking, wipe away any surplus oil with a clean cloth. Cloths that have been used for Hempel's Teak Oil may catch fire and should be destroyed after use.

How to treat teak - step 5

Step 5

If your teak has suffered much wear and tear, over-coat it with Hempel's Teak Oil and then use Hempel's Colour Restorer to restore the teak's golden brown colour.

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